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we're open,

with extra care

As a valued guest, we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to keep our guests and our team safe and healthy.


  • The entire salon has been cleaned and disinfected for reopen.

  • We have rearranged our stylist’s stations and schedules to meet the current 50% occupancy and social distancing requirements. 

  • We are always stocked with the required PPE for our team, as well as the needed CDC recommended cleaning supplies, disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

  • We are following strict sanitation and disinfecting procedures all day long. These procedures include but are not limited to frequent hand washing, disinfecting chairs, styling stations, and tools, disinfecting door handles and knobs, restrooms, and all high touch areas. As usual, capes and smocks are one-time use only, per client. 

  • We are setup to perform temperature checks and brief health questionnaires with each team member and guest before entering the salon. 

  • We have paused all high-touch complimentary rituals, handshakes and hugs.

  • We will not serve beverages at this time.

  • Curbside pickup available! Please call today to place an order!


  • Everyone inside the salon is required to wear a mask at all times. Stylists and Assistants will wear additional PPE (smock, face mask, face shield) to ensure your safety and theirs while interacting with you in close proximity. 

  • Stylists will schedule a 15 min. time slot between every appointment in order to completely sanitize their station and tools.


  • If you have been ill or around someone who has been ill, please wait 14 days to schedule your appointment. 


  • Please call us when you arrive at the salon. We will ask that you wait in your car until your stylist is ready. We have arranged our schedule with the hope of preventing wait times. With summer heat increasing, you are welcome to call us before leaving home to ensure we are running on time.

  • Please plan to come alone to your appointment, do not bring friends or children.

  • Please limit the items you bring in with you so we can prevent any unnecessary exposure.

  • Please wear a mask. If you do not have one, we will provide you with one before entering the salon. 

  • Keep in touch! If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to us. It’s our desire that you feel comfortable and safe while visiting Ted & Co!




We all know that these are uncertain times. The risks of COVID-19 are not well understood and there is controversy among the experts on how the virus can spread and difficultly in scientifically determining whether anyone has the virus at any moment in time.

In consideration for providing haircuts and color, by signing below you agree to accept all responsibility for the risk that you may contract COVID-19. While we are taking your safety and that of our staff very serious, by employing new safety and sanitation initiatives, we cannot guarantee that any of these measures will completely protect you from contracting COVID-19.

I agree that if I take any steps to make a claim for damages against Ted & Company Salon, its agents, employees or any other released parties arising out of my receipt of haircut and color services during my visit to Ted & Company's facilities, I shall be obligated to pay all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred as a result of such claim.

I acknowledge that I can go elsewhere to have my hair cut and colored, and I acknowledge that Ted & Company Salon is not the only hair salon where I can have my hair cut and colored.


By signing this Agreement, I acknowledge that I am free to go to other salons who may not require my agreement to accept responsibility for contracting COVID-19 and I chose to have haircut and color services.

By entering my personal information below, I understand that this represents my signature.

Thanks for submitting!

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